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Robert W. Dittmar began as an apprentice for Ray Bressler Plumbing and Heating in 1976 at the age of eighteen. Two years later, Robert passed his journeyman test and continued his employment at Bressler’s. Robert was twenty-one when he passed his master plumber test and received his masters’ license for plumbing in the city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After leaving Bressler’s in 1982, Robert worked on his own in Williamsport. In that time, Plumbing Masters in South Williamsport also employed him. He left Plumbing Masters to work for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at the Rockview State Correctional Institution in State College. He worked as a plumbing trade instructor at S.C.I. Rockview for three years, before transferring to S.C. I. in Muncy, doing the same type of work. After six and a half years with the Department of Corrections, Robert decided to go into business for himself, permanently.

Robert Dittmar started R.W. Dittmar Plumbing-Heating in 1994 and has been adding to the business ever since. Many of Robert’s plumbing and heating customers complained about the service of other local oil companies too. After running out of oil in February 1996, Robert thought that if he had an oil truck, he could set up his own delivery service to his plumbing and heating customers. Robert purchased his oil truck, making a turning point for the company.

The oil delivery service started off slow but then quickly picked up. Due to high demand, Robert hired an employee to help clean boilers. The amount of work was still overwhelming. Robert was delivering the oil as well as performing plumbing and heating services. He then hired an oil truck driver. Over the next two years the oil service grew tremendously. In the third year, we became computerized and since then, our oil company has fully established itself.

Robert W. Dittmar has over 30 years experience in the Plumbing and Heating field. He received his Masters Plumber License when he was 21 and has been involved in the plumbing service ever since. He started out in 1976 as an apprentice plumber and now operates a full-service plumbing-heating and & Oil company, and our main goal is to be the plumbing-heating & Oil company you can depend on to be there when you need our services. We are a full service Plumbing-Heating and Oil Company dedicated to meeting all your needs. Dittmar Plumbing-Heating & Oil Company has been serving the central Pennsylvania area for over 10 years and will continue to provide top quality service for years to come. The Plumbing and Heating is a proud profession and one that we take seriously. R.W. Dittmar Plumbing-Heating & Oil Company is committed to delivering quality plumbing and heating parts and workmanship to meet your needs in a neat and professional manner. R.W. Dittmar Plumbing-Heating & Oil Company is the only full service company in the area that offers plumbing-heating and Oil service within the same company.

Dittmar Plumbing-Heating is also a proud member of the Muncy Profesional and Business Association. The focus of the Muncy Professional And Business Association is to encourage, and strengthen the community by promoting a beneficial business climate and quality of life for the businesses.

To learn more about the MPBA, visit their website.